Basalt split is a type of garden split that you can use in your garden in different ways. It is popular to build a driveway or parking lot, but you are also seeing it more and more as ornamental paving. Basalt split is formed by lava that has solidified and you can recognize it by its dark color. One of the great advantages of basalt split is that it is colourfast. So you don’t have to worry that the color will change after a heavy rain shower or throughout the seasons. When it is wet outside, the basalt split turns to deep black again.

What is basalt split?
Basalt fission is an igneous rock that is formed when lava cools rapidly. It is therefore logically also mainly found in areas with high volcanic activity. Most of the basalt split we use here comes from Germany. I once saw the most beautiful basalt rocks in the south of Iceland (Reynisfjara). Very special, the rugged, extensive black sand beach and the rocks with basalt blocks carved into special shapes.

You can recognize garden split by its fine-grained texture. It is a broken natural stone and one of the heaviest types of rock there is. The word “basalt” comes from the Latin word for “heavy stone”, and that is not without reason.

What can you use basalt split for?
Basalt split is used as garden split for various applications in the garden. It is a popular choice for driveways and parking lots, but is also often used as an ornamental paving. As a path or as a flower bed, for example. The material has a number of unique properties that make it suitable for this. It is a strong, durable stone that is perfect for covering irregular and rough surfaces. In addition, basalt grit is often used as a water-permeable semi-pavement to prevent erosion and flooding. And if you put root cloth under it, it can help to grow fewer weeds.

Beautiful and practical
Apart from the fact that basalt splits help you improve the drainage in your garden in a good way, it is also very beautiful to see and gives every garden a chic look. It also fits perfectly into the garden trend in which you see a lot of gray (complemented with a lot of beautiful greenery). Basalt on a nice path is very nice next to a full green border full of perennials!

Many people think that basalt split is expensive. But nothing is less true! Basalt split is actually very affordable and can therefore be used by anyone in the garden. And of course you can have that installed by a professional, but that is not necessary. It is also very doable for “do it yourselfers” to bring them into your garden yourself.

Order basalt split online
You can order basalt split for this online and have it delivered to your home. It is then delivered in big bags and it is indicated per bag how many square meters you can use with it. You can also go online for accessories that you need when using basalt split. For example for an anti-root cloth or split plates.

When you receive the basalt split, it always has a grayish dust layer. This layer will be washed away by the rain, leaving a dark grey/black color. So make sure that you do not put the basalt split under a shelter or in a shed. If you prefer that, spray it regularly to make the dust layer disappear.

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