Are you looking for a fence, but you don’t know which one yet? There is more possible than you think. Of course you can opt for the classic wooden fence, but there are even more options. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the different types of fences.

The classic wooden fence
The wooden fence is a real classic. Not surprising, because wood is a versatile material and ideal for fences. It gives your garden a natural look and it is easy to work with. When you opt for fully wooden garden fences, you have to take into account that it requires some maintenance.

A wooden fence must be varnished or stained regularly. In addition, some green deposits can form on it, which you have to remove to keep the fence stable. In addition, such a fence really fits in every garden.

Concrete fences
If you are looking for a more robust look and a more robust material, you can opt for concrete. As the name suggests, a concrete fence is completely made of concrete. This can be done in all kinds of colors and textures. You may quickly think of gray, but other colors are also possible. The big advantage of concrete is that it is extremely sturdy and can take a beating.

A concrete fence is also a good choice in terms of lifespan. It will easily last for 40 years. The disadvantage is that a concrete fence is more expensive than a wooden fence.

Wood-concrete fences
Can’t decide between wood and concrete? Then mix and match it. You get the sturdiness of a concrete fence, but the charm of a wooden fence. A concrete wood fence is being placed in more and more gardens in the Netherlands. The support posts and the base of the fence are made of concrete, but the partitions are made of wood.

As a result, the fences last a little longer. Of course you have to maintain the wooden part. Its price is a golden mean between wood and concrete fencing. You get the best of both worlds!

Bamboo fences
A very durable material that looks great in most gardens: bamboo. This really creates a natural look in your garden. The material is completely natural, provides good shelter and you help the earth with it. Bamboo grows back very quickly.

For example, if you have a Japanese garden, or a garden with a lot of greenery in general, a bamboo fence is a great choice. Bamboo does require some maintenance. After a few years it can discolour due to deposits. But with some love and patience, you can really enjoy it for years.

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